Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mr. Xenomurphy's Superhero Contest 2013

Contest: Mr. Xenomurphy's Superhero Contest 2013
Hosted by: Mr. Xenomurphy, on MOCpages
Description/categories: The category for round 1 will be announced on July 12. Builders will have ~2 weeks. Highest scores will go on to round 2.
Deadline: Sign up before July 12 to enter the first round.
Contest rules

Friday, June 28, 2013

Write to Win contests

Contest: Write to Win
Hosted by: Legoland Discovery Centers
Description/categories: This one is just for the kids (sorry, AFOLs). I've linked the rules for the Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago, but they also have the same contest running at the Dallas/Fort Worth Legoland Discovery Center, so I'll assume the same contest is running at all of them (or at least all of them in the US). Kids 12 and under can win a family annual pass to the center for writing the best things to do in the Chicago area (or Dallas/Fort Worth, or presumably wherever any of the LDCs are), what makes a great birthday party, or five LEGO building tips. Winners will be chosen by votes on their Facebook pages. I don't see any residency requirement, so I'm guessing you could enter more than one of these (say, for example, you live in Oklahoma and could reasonably travel to both the Kansas City and Dallas centers).
Deadline: July 11
Contest rules (for the Chicago center)

Star Wars Contest

Contest: Star Wars Contest
Hosted by: Hothbricks, La Petit Brique, and Arealight
Description/categories: Create a SW themed vignette on a base with a total area of 256 studs (16x16 square, or rectangle with the same total number of studs)
Deadline: September 15
Contest rules

Voting: SW Randall LEGO Build Contest

Contest: Annual SW Randall LEGO Build Contest
Hosted by: S.W.Randall Toys (store in Pittsburgh, PA)
If you're in the Pittsburgh area, stop by the store to vote on your favorite MOC. Here's a news story on the contest.

Hero or Monster contest

Contest: Hero or Monster contest
Hosted by: Eurobricks
Description/categories: Based around the world of Hero Factory being invaded by alien parasites that turn Heroes and animals into monsters. Hero or Monster - build a Hero that has been mutated. Before and After Brain Infection - show an animal being transformed. Digital Hero - create your own Hero using CAD.
Deadline: July 9
Contest rules

Chima Contest/Raffle

Hosted by: Eurobricks
Description/categories: Build a Chima MOC at Action Figure scale for a chance to win a drawing for signed Chima sets
Deadline: July 17
Contest rules

Brickmoc Minifig Contest

Contest: Brickmoc Minifig Contest
Hosted by: Brickmoc
Description/categories: Create a custom fig (any era) using Brickmoc products
Deadline: July 1
Contest rules

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Contest: Time-Warp
Hosted by: Friends Bricks forum
Description/categories: Design a Friends set you would have wanted as a kid.
Deadline: July 31
Contest rules

BBC Contest #65: For the Birds!

Contest: BBC Contest #65: For the Birds!
Hosted by: BZPower forum
Description/categories: Build a bird using Bionicle pieces. Entries will be on display at BrickFair Virginia (August 3-4), and attendees will vote on the winner.
Deadline: June 22 (sorry)
Contest rules

L13 20: The Great Painters

Contest: L13 20: The Great Painters
Hosted by: BrickPirate forum
Description/categories: Reproduce a famous painting in LEGO form.
Deadline: June 26 (yesterday, sorry)
Contest rules

L13 Contests

Contest: L13 Contests
Hosted by: BrickPirate LEGO forum
Description/categories: Each month the French language forum BrickPirate starts another contest, open to forum members. Look for new contests in the middle of each month, with 13 days to complete entries. Subjects vary widely from month to month.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get to da chopper!

Contest: Get to da chopper!
Hosted by: BrickArms forum
Description/categories: Build a helicopter (any style, realistic or made-up, any scale) equipped with BrickArms products
Deadline: July 30
Contest rules

How it should have ended

Contest: How it should have ended
Hosted by: Flickr group
Description/categories: Illustrate an alternate ending for one of the six Star Wars movies.
Deadline: June 23 (sorry, I just saw this)
Contest rules

2013 Bio Cup

Contest: 2013 Bio Cup
Hosted by: MOCpages group
Description/categories: Technic/Bionicle/Hero Factory. This will be a single elimination tournament with different challenges for each head to head match-up.
Deadline: Sign up now. Round 1 will start on June 21.
Contest rules

BBW 2013

Contest: BBW 2013
Hosted by: LUGPol
Description/categories: This contest started earlier this year and involves six challenges. They are currently in stage 5.
Contest rules

First Blood voting

Contest: First Blood
Hosted by: LUGPol

Voting for LUGPol members "New" category voting
"First" category voting
"Technic" category voting

Castle Battle Contest

Hosted by: LEGO War. Flickr group
Description/categories: Four categories depicting different battles: epic siege, devastating raid, single stud battle, ultimate battle
Deadline: August 31
Contest rules

Disney invades SW polybag

Contest: Disney invades SW polybag
Hosted by: Brick Horizon
Description/categories: Design a small polybag set putting a Disney character in the Star Wars universe.
Deadline: July 5
Contest rules

Zoids contest

Contest: LEGO Zoids Contest
Hosted by: Lego Zoids Flickr group
Description/categories: Single-elimination tournament contest, building mecha animals based on the Zoids toys
Deadline: Sign up now, first round will be in the first week of July
Contest rules

Color it Blacktron contest

Contest: Color it Blacktron contest
Hosted by: Color it Blacktron blog
Description/categories: 1. Rebuild an old MOC in Blacktron colors. 2. Build a Blacktron MOC.
Deadline: June 30
Contest rules

NASA's Missions: Imagine and Build

Contest: NASA's Missions: Imagine and Build
Hosted by: LEGO and NASA, on the ReBrick site
Description/categories: 1. Build a MOC based on an actual planned NASA mission. 2. Build the 'aircraft of tomorrow', accompanied by a technical paper.
Deadline: July 31, 2013.
Contest rules

Metro: Last Light contest

Hosted by: The Metro Flickr group
Description/categories: Two categories, based on the video game Metro: Last Light - Category 1 - diorama 32x32 or larger, Category 2 - custom fig. I don't know the game at all, but a quick glance at some of the LEGO creations in the group look like your basic post apocalyptic / zombie war stuff.
Deadline: July 1, 2013
Contest rules

Halo contest

Contest: Halo contest
Hosted by: Halo contest Flickr group
Description/categories: Build a Halo based MOC or custom
Deadline: June 23, 2013
Contest rules

LCC 4th Global Challenge voting

Contest: LCC 4th Global Challenge
Hosted by: Classic-Castle / LCC
Vote here.

Iron Builder 3.0 Round 6 winner

Contest: Iron Builder 3.0 Round 6 - BruceyWan vs CMaddision
Hosted by:


Best Brickr group

I just found a link to the Best Brickr group on Flickr. This group allows you to take part in a series of head to head building competitions.

Garheim's Local Challenge #11 – The New Soldiers

Contest: Garheim's Local Challenge #11 – The New Soldiers
Hosted by: Classic-Castle / Lands of Classic-Castle / Garheim
Description/categories: Local challenge for participants in the Garheim faction of the LCC - focus is on new castle soldiers.
Deadline: June 23, 2013
Contest rules

Lore of Historica voting

Contest: Lore of Historica (Challenge VI)
Hosted by: Eurobricks / Guilds of Historica
Vote here.

Bakers Dozen building challenge

Contest: Bakers Dozen building challenge
Hosted by: LUGNuts Flickr group
Description/categories: LUGNuts' June challenge is to build a car/vehicle from one of 13 categories:
1. Any racing vehicle...that predates 1956
2. Any vehicle for or inspired by any superhero or villain
3. 60‘s and 70‘s era Show Rods...the crazier the better
4. Mars Society needs rovers of all types
5. Any vehicle from childhood cartoons...MASK, G.I. Joe, etc.
6. Any vehicle inspired by the new Legend of Chima line
7. Any contender for the 2014 SEMA car show
8. Any vehicle you want...customized for rock crawling
9. Any emergency vehicle...police, fire, ambulance, etc.
10. Any vehicle featured on Top Gear
11. Any tractor or combine harvester
12. Any amphibious vehicle
13. Zombie Apocalypse Killfest ‘2013...‘nuff said

Deadline: June 30, 2013
Contest rules

Decisive Action

Contest: Decisive Action
Hosted by: MOCpages group
Description/categories: Not really a contest so much as a MOC-driven wargame, but close enough.
Deadline: Runs June 1 to October 1, 2013
Contest rules

Classic-Castle Calendar Contest

Contest: Classic-Castle Calendar Contest
Hosted by:
Description/categories: Create a large, high resolution image suitable for use in a 2014 calendar. Any castle-relevant image is acceptable.
Deadline: July 1, 2013
Contest rules

Fellowship of the Ring 16x16 Winner

Contest: Fellowship of the Ring 16x16
Hosted by: LEGO Lord of the Rings Flickr group

Automaton Pictures - You Fool of a Took!

Lego Military Annual Build Competition

Contest: Lego Military Annual Build Competition
Hosted by: LEGO Military Flickr group
Description/categories: Military themed vehicles and dioramas. Several categories include support vehicles, fantasy vehicles, VTOL aircraft, wheeled vehicles, infiltration diorama, diorama based on TV/movie, and Friends vs Fabuland.
Deadline: July 10, 2013
Contest rules

Welcome to ContestBricks

Hi all. This is really just a replacement for my blog BrickContests. It was just bugging me that I didn't follow the same naming convention for that, so I figured I should fix it now before that blog gets too established. Here's the welcome message from the short-lived 'BrickContests', which will also serve as a welcome to the new 'ContestBricks'.

Hi all,
I'm just adding a new section to my blog-family. As I'm going through various LEGO forums and sites such as Flickr and MOCpages, there are a ton of ongoing contests. The problem is that it is hard to know about all of them. This listing is going to be a very simple site for just three things:
1. Announcements of new LEGO contests.
2. Voting reminders for those contests that are up for a public vote.
3. Announcements of contest winners.

If you are hosting a contest, or simply know of a contest, please let me know at bricktalesATgmailDOTcom. Thanks! Good luck in the contests.