Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rising Fire

Contest: Rising Fire
Hosted by: Five Nations Flickr group
Description/categories: This is a new shared-world roleplay game (see the Guilds of Historica and the Lands of Classic-Castle/Legends of Rowia for other examples). Show your character preparing for a civil war.
Contest rules

Merlin's Beard banner contest

Contest: Merlin's Beard banner contest
Hosted by: Merlin's Beard forum
Description/categories: Help create art for this new forum.
Contest rules

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark

Contest: Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark
Hosted by: Mike Doyle
Description/categories: Submit a "dark" MOC (interpret that as you wish). Best MOCs will be included in Mike's next book.
Deadline: April 1 - hurry!
Contest rules

2014 MocAthalon

Contest: 2014 MocAthalon
Hosted by: MOCpages group
Description/categories: Teams build MOCs from 30 categories.
Deadline: Currently ongoing - finishes at the end of March

Middle Earth LEGO Olympics 2013-2014 winner

Contest: Middle Earth LEGO Olympics 2013-2014
Hosted by: MOCpages group
Winner: after 6 rounds of head-to-head matches, follow the link to see all of the builds
Li Li

Iron Builder February 14

Contest: Iron Builder February 14
Hosted by: Builders' Lounge
Gilcelio beat Lego Junkie

Iron Builder January 2014

Contest: Iron Builder January 2014
Hosted by: Builders' Lounge
Pepa Quin beat Carl Merriam

2013 MOC Madness winner

Contest: MOC Madness 2013
Hosted by: FBTB

Colossal Castle Contest winners

Contest: Colossal Castle Contest XI
Hosted by: Classic-Castle
Winners: I'm not going to list the different category winners, but go to the winners page to see the winning entries and honorable mentions. The Master Builder (awarded for best score across multiple categories) goes to Disco86:

ContestBricks - back from the dead

Hey all, I'm so sorry - I've been on a huge blogging hiatus for months now. While that's bad for my other niche blogs, it's particularly bad for this, which is supposed to be a very timely overview of ongoing contests. A bunch of things have come and gone without me noting them. There's no way I'm going to cover them all, so I'll just select out major contests. Then I'll try to be much better going forward.