Monday, July 29, 2013

2014 Event Kit Contest

Contest: 2014 Event Kit Contest
Hosted by: BrickWorld
Description/categories: Design an event kit for next year's BrickWorld, with the theme of Candy - Sweet Escapes
Deadline: August 31
Contest rules

Saturday, July 27, 2013

BRAWL 2013

Contest: BRAWL - Brickfilm Rapidly Awll Week Long
Hosted by:
Description/categories: In a few hours (midnight GMT) they will announce a theme. You have exactly one week to complete a Brickfilm based on that theme.
Deadline: August 4, but check to be sure if they mean 12:01 AM or 11:59 PM, this contest is designed to have a very short deadline, and I don't want you to think you have an extra 24 hours.
Contest rules

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LEGO goes nature

Contest: LEGO goes nature
Hosted by: Imperium der Steine
Description/categories: Take photos of your LEGO outside in a natural setting - categories for large Star Wars sets or scenes, small sets or individual figs, and a category for all other themes.
Deadline: July 25 (hurry!)
Contest rules

Vote on Eurobricks Hero Factory month contests

Contest: Hero Factory month contests
Hosted by: Eurobricks
Vote here for the 'Hero or Monster' category.
Vote here for the 'Before and After' category.
Vote here for the 'Digital Hero' category.

Monday, July 22, 2013

LEGO Brick People

Contest: LEGO Brick People
Hosted by: LBAFOL
Description/categories: Build a person out of bricks, or from a set brick list
Deadline: July 19 (sorry)
Contest rules

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Art of War Contest

Hosted by: Siercon and Coral
Description/categories: Build a scene showing a figure in stylized combat.
Deadline: August 11
Contest rules

$20,000 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest

Contest: $20,000 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest
Hosted by: Tongal
Description/categories: This will run in three phases. In the first phase you submit an idea for a video based on LEGO DC Super Heroes. The second phase is for the pitch, and the third phase is for the actual video.
Deadline: Phase 1, July 24
Contest rules

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cover photo and icon contests

Contest: Cover photo and icon contests
Hosted by: Nick Brick
Description/categories: Come up with cover photos and icons for the LEGO Halo and LEGO Destiny Flickr groups
Deadline: July 31
Contest rules: Halo, Destiny

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lone Ranger Contest

Contest: Lone Ranger Contest
Hosted by: Lowlug
Description/categories: Build any western MOC - two categories based on size - either 16x16 or less, and 32x32 or more
Deadline: September 1
Contest rules

Garheim's Local Challenge #11 – The New Soldiers - winner

Contest: Garheim's Local Challenge #11 – The New Soldiers
Hosted by: LCC on Classic-Castle

Daken the Bladesmith - training of the novices

Halo contest extension

Contest: Halo contest
Hosted by: Flickr group
Deadline: Extended to July 28

Metro: Last Light winners

Contest: Metro: Last Light
Hosted by: The Metro Flickr group
Winners: Giovanni - Artyom

Titus - Reign of Anarchy

Color it Blacktron winners

Contest: Color it Blacktron
Hosted by: Elephant Knight

Optimal Control - Blacktron Knights' Castle

Spaceruner - Carp Class Scoutship

Brickmoc Minifig winner

Contest: Brickmoc Minifig Contest
Hosted by: Brickmoc
Winner: General JJ

Miss Gold winner

Contest: Miss Gold
Hosted by: Swebrick
Ichthuz - Where is the gold?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Emergency Bricks - Berlin Tanker 6

Contest: Berlin Tanker 6 challenge
Hosted by: Emergency Bricks

As the builder is quick to note, this was the only entry and therefore the landslide victor, but IMO this would have done very well even if there were many entries. The contest was to reproduce a specific fire truck in LEGO form.

L13 special edition 8: Going through the Lorraine

Hosted by: BrickPirate
Description/categories: Two categories - 1. build a model in the LEGO Architecture style of a site in Lorraine 2. illustrate a legend of Lorraine.
Deadline: September 5
Contest rules

L13 20: The great painters - winner!

Contest: L13 20: The great painters
Hosted by: BrickPirate
Captainsmog - le Radeau de la Meduse

Jack in the Box Technic Competition

Contest: Jack in the Box Technic Competition
Hosted by: Lowlug
Description/categories: Build a box that opens up to show a surprise
Deadline: July 14 (sorry)
Contest rules

Global Adventure Challenge for Legends of Brickdom

Contest: Global Adventure Challenge
Hosted by: Legends of Brickdom
Description/categories: Build scenes illustrating quests to find magical weapons
Deadline: August 25
Contest rules

Monday, July 8, 2013

Vapourlypse contest

Contest: Vapourlypse Contest
Hosted by: Lego Vapourlypse Flickr group
Description/categories: Build a fig, vehicle or scene to fit the Vapourlypse world, described as a mashup of steampunk and post-apoc themes.
Deadline: August 10
Contest rules

Iron Builder 3.0 - Round 7 - Paukaru76 vs Gilcelio

Contest: Iron Builder 3.0 - Round 7 - Paukaru76 vs Gilcelio
Hosted by: Builders Lounge
Description/categories: Each month-long Iron Builder competition pits two builders against each other to make MOCs featuring a specified part. In this match-up Paukaru76 and Gilcelio face off using the black plate, modified 1 x 2 with angled handles on side.
Contest rules

Friday, July 5, 2013


Hosted by: Beyond the Brick
Description/categories: Build a Sandwich-Man. Watch the video for the explanation.
Deadline: July 16
Contest rules

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BBW 2013 Stage 6 - Teleport

Contest: BBW 2013 Stage 6 - Teleport
Hosted by: LUGPol
Description/categories: Final stage of the BBW challenges builders to create a MOC based on a specific list of pieces (shown below).
Contest rules

Modern recreate a scene or fig

Contest: Modern recreate a scene or fig
Hosted by: Modern Brick Warfare
Description/categories: Make a military fig or scene post-WWII.
Deadline: They don't seem to list one.
Contest rules

Miss Gold

Contest: Miss Gold
Hosted by: Swebrick
Description/categories: Not able to find the Mr. Gold minifig? Build a MOC where you can find missing gold.
Deadline: July 1 (sorry)
Contest rules

LCC 4th Global Challenge winner

Hosted by: LCC on Classic-Castle

Caelan - We Will Not Yield